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Get Glowing $105 60min

~w/Heavy Extractions $135 75 min

This customized infusion facial is recommended for first time clients who have questions and concerns about their skin. Our Get Glowing facial starts with a surface cleanse which gently removes dirt, oil and makeup from the skin. Then we do a complete analysis of the skin to determine the best course of treatment. Each session is customized to your skin’s needs with light peel solutions using lower concentrations of enzymes and acids that focus on clarifying clogged pores, brightening skin tone, treating hypersensitive skin and counteracting environmental impact on the skin to prolong your youthful appearance. Extractions are performed if necessary. Finished with a moisturizing SPF and Relaxing Upper Body Massage for a relaxing experience.

Clarifying, recommended for combination, excessively oily, active acne, congested skin.

Brightening, recommended for hyperpigmentation, melasma and photo damaged skin.

Renewing, recommended for dry, dehydrated, prematurely aged skin.

Soothing, recommended for inflammatory, red, sensitive, Rosacea, Eczema skin.

The Glow Up $150 75 min

~Add on Microdermabrasion $65

~Add on Microneedling $75

~Prepaid Series of 4 $500. Prepaid Series of 6 $750.

This is where correction begins. Once the skin has been properly maintained and hydrated, Corrective Skincare can begin. This facial treatment contains medium depth peel solutions that are customized to your skin type and condition. You can really benefit from exfoliating dead damaged skin cells and accelerate collagen production by working deeper in the epidermal layer to give you the results that you are seeking to correct problematic skin conditions such as acne, premature aging, hyperpigmentation and sensitive skin. Finished with a moisturizing SPF and Relaxing Upper Body Massage for a relaxing experience.

Anti-Aging Corrective Facial

An advanced therapeutic treatment designed to target dehydrated, prematurely aged skin types challenged with sun damage and dynamic wrinkles. The nourishing, lightening and resurfacing benefits make this an excellent choice to accelerate new cell growth for a hydrated, healthy age defying complexion.

Anti-Redness Corrective Facial

A gentle therapeutic treatment designed to target extremely sensitive skin types challenged with sun damage and other forms of discoloration. The anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and antibacterial benefits make this an excellent choice for helping to hydrate, control rosacea, diffuse redness and reduce inflammation for a calm comfortable complexion.

Anti-Dark Spot Corrective Facial

A proven therapeutic treatment designed to target hyper-pigmented skin discolorations in all skin types challenged with melisma, sun damage and post acne spots. The prevention of abnormal pigment production and accelerated cell renewing benefits make this an excellent choice for lightening, brightening and evening the skin tone for a glowing complexion.

Acne Corrective Facial

This deep pore cleansing treatment is designed to target P. acnes, an acne causing bacteria living deep in the follicles. The treatment accelerates exfoliation, lightens hyperpigmentation and detoxifies congested pores for a confident, healthy complexion.

The Glow Up Series 30 min

~4 Treatments $425

~6 Treatments $675

Prepaid Series. For serious, time managed treatments to bring about rapid change in ones’ skin. Both options include one complimentary Herbal peel to soothe and calm skin between corrective treatments.

Complexion Perfection $175 75 min

~Additional Layers $75 per layer

For an optimal, skin transforming treatment we have deep peel solutions that use higher concentrations of acids to focus on exfoliating dead skin cells and accelerating rejuvenation of the skin for a more youthful looking complexion. Finished with a moisturizing SPF and Relaxing Accu-pressure Upper Body Massage for a relaxing experience.

Acne Skin Transforming Facial

Dramatically retexturize and reduce blemishes, inflammatory pimples and discolored imperfections for long term luminosity. Containing the latest scientific advances in cosmeceutical skin care products this treatment provides deep pore cleansing and reduces the appearance of oil produced by the sebaceous glands, refining the appearance of the skin and assisting to maintain a comfortable complexion.

Uneven Skin Transforming Facial

Brightens and reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone for long term luminosity. Customized

to your skin’s needs for all skin types, with ingredient formulations especially for anyone with uneven skin tone to focus on a brightening complexion.

Mature Skin Transforming Facial

Smooths the appearance of deep static wrinkles and rejuvenates skin. Customized to your skin’s needs to tighten sagging skin, focus on exfoliating dead skin cells and accelerating rejuvenation of the skin for a more youthful looking complexion.

Technology Treatments

Microdermabrasion $85 45 min

The most natural way to evenly and gently exfoliate the skin without chemicals and one of our most requested procedures. Microdermabrasion may be added to a facial for greater results. Includes: Pre-Cleanse, Corrective Cleanse, Diamond Microdermabrasion Treatment, Corrective Serum, Sun Protective Moisturizer and Relaxing Upper Body Massage.

LED Light Rejuvenation $50 30 min

Red Light stimulates collagen production, reduces skin redness and helps to penetrate products formulated for deep hydration. Blue Light suppresses bacteria and reduces acne breakouts.

Mission Statement

Here at Complexions Skincare & Beauty, skin is our passion and educating you on your skin and helping you to achieve your best complexion is our goal. We believe that the integrity of the skin should not be compromised, instead be nourished, treated and maintained with great care. You will find our approach to healthy glowing skin includes a holistic approach that may require certain lifestyle and dietary changes. Our licensed estheticians stay up to date on the latest advancements and technologies in the constant evolving aesthetic industry. By doing so we are able to offer the latest, most effective treatment for clients no matter the skin type with confidence.


Discovery Facial $55 30 min

Everyone is unique and has individual skin concerns and goals. For this reason we must complete a thorough skin analysis prior to starting a treatment plan for your skin. This consultation includes a surface cleanse and sun protective moisturizer. We will also discuss your skincare history, products used and current your concerns, short and long term goal and realistic expectations. We also do a photo documentation to visually track your progress. Your commitment to your customized treatment plan will play a big part in your results. This fee is waived when time allows to have an infusion facial done at the same visit.

Shine Bright $65 30 min

A quick fix. This facial does not require a consultation, more for a refreshing glow between treatments including a facial cleanser, scrub moisturizer and SPF.